Satya Paul – Top Fashion Designer of India

Satya Paul, the iconic Sari brand has established Indian chic design in the realms of International haute couture through exquisite range of exclusive signature prints, ravishing bridal costumes, resonant feminine patterns that serve to add character to you with timeless appeal and a high degree of sophistication.

Puneet Nanda partnered with Sanjay Kapoor and Jyoti Narula to conceptualize India’s ace fashion brand after the name of his father and eminent artist Satya Paul. He ranks among one of the top fashion designers of India and owes his creative ingenuity and flamboyance in design to his father.

Satya PaulPuneet’s journey in the fashion world started in 1982 and since then he has lent his creative edge to an entire spectrum of glamorous activities ranging from photography to working with fashion designers of international repute to choreograph shows that cut across international barriers.

Satya Paul brand rose to international eminence by revolutionizing the quintessence of Indian feminism, Sari into an international brand by resting upon its intrinsic aspect and proactively responding to the entire ambience it spans in and not merely the fashion conglomerate.

The promoters of Satya Paul brand got themselves placed in the list of top fashion designers of India owing to the creative imagination of designs, evocatively brilliant color palette, pioneering draping, mixing colors flamboyantly, descending fluidity in forms and adding a refined touch to the existing concept of feminism ; that have made them a toast of International couture.

The exquisite array of saris and bridal wears has taken creative inspiration from classical Calligraphy, art genres and sculptures. The label has strayed into other contemporary fashion forms and has products like fusion, exclusive range of designer ties and western fabrics and accessories being designed and sold.

The avant-garde, eclectic label has marked an epoch in the international fashion fraternity through contemporary, refined garment line that enamors through its sophisticated charm, breathtakingly simple silhouettes, and aristocratic look that has radically altered the perception of fashion in India. The six yard canvas reflects the vivid influences on the designer whose inspiration is drawn from almost everything that he sees around him.