School and College Life Now and Before in India

The first education of a child is given to him from his home and parents. Further education and knowledge comes when the child steps towards the institution known as school. It is basically an institution that gives teaching to the children by some elders.

The children are called the students and the elder who teaches are known as the teachers. The teaching system was divided into three major parts. The primary school, this included the age group of 3-8 years and comprised of basic teachings and knowledge. Then came the secondary school, this included some extended knowledge and its applications.

Then the idea of higher education was introduced. The education till class 12thwas meant to make a child literate and do basic calculation required in the daily life, but life did not end here. The need of higher education in order to build a literate and educated country felt the importance of universities.

School and College Life

Going to school and degree program before

Going to school, learning the basics and then going to the universities for further education makes a child sensible and self dependent. Then the concept of different subjects, exams, degree, programs and co- curricular activities for enhancing the growth of physical fitness along with the mental fitness came into action.

The primary education started in 425 A.D. since then the system of education evolved alarmingly and slowly everyone started to understand the importance of education and supported the system. In order to spread education world- wide and in the sectors where people could not even write their names, different typed of schools were established.

The government school and colleges, private schools and colleges, free education system, private teachings etc helped the education system spread throughout the world and have its positive impact.

In ancient India, schooling was done in the Gurukuls, in the house of the teacher or a monastery. The child of the Muslim parents was educated in the madrasahs during the mughal rule. The education system spread its branches in each and every part of the country and then different boards, universities, language, subjects were introduced as per the needs and demands of the modern world.