South Indian Breakfast Recipes: Now Getting World Wide Popular

South India has contributed a lot in the array of healthy Indian recipes. South Indians prefer rice and its derivatives in the food preparation unlike the other healthy Indian recipes where wheat is the prime ingredient. Healthy Indian recipes are famous in south East Asia also, especially south Indian recipes.

There is a branch in south Indian cooking known as Brahmin cooking, which is purely vegetarian in every sense.

Usage of spices in south Indian breakfast recipes not only makes it into some delicious dish to eat but, it helps in attaining good health also. It acts as a step towards attaining healthier lifestyles.

Brahmin cooking was originated from India only and that too from south India. Indian cuisines are world famous for their scintillating spiciness and huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables used.

Indian dishes especially south Indian dishes are well known for their exclusive spices and nutritional ingredients. Be it the coconut oil or the pungent nutmeg used in the daily routine dishes there.

South Indian breakfast recipes are prepared with natural ingredients having medicinal properties which make it a healthy food to consume on daily basis. It can help the individual in weight loss and to get fit without cutting down there food intake.

South Indian Breakfast – A Healthy Indian Recipe

Various health magazines loaded with health and fitness tips for all its readers stress on the inclusion of fenugreek and turmeric in food which is actually present in appropriate quantity in all the healthy Indian recipes.

In the category of healthy Indian recipes there are some south Indian breakfast recipes as well, due to their rich nutritional properties and usage of spices in preparations south Indian dishes have topped the rank chart. These dishes are prepared keeping in mind the health of consumers at first.

Some of the health and fitness tips to be followed if you like healthy Indian recipes, could be like having a platter full of idli, upma and sambar in the breakfast. Another tip could be like consuming nutritious food but in smaller proportions and consuming the least amount food in dinners.

South Indian recipe like idly is known as one of the best breakfast dishes in Indian cuisine. With only a few minutes preparation time you can prepare these ultimately delicious small rice cakes, which can then be eaten any time of the day, as a snack as a meal or sometimes during brunch too.

The basic idea for accommodating a south Indian recipe like idli or upma for breakfast is to keep the first meal of the day full of nutrition which can fulfill the calorie requirement of the body.

Some of the other popular south Indian breakfast recipes are like dosa, utthapam, Oats Upma, bonda, seedai, and bhaji etc. All these dishes are very famous throughout the country and are now getting world wide popular.