Stories of Hanuman and Shani

Shani, the planet Saturn, is said to have been saved by Hanuman from the clutches of Ravana and in return Shani promised that those people who will pray Hanuman will be rescued from the painful effects of Saturn.

Once, Hanuman was meditating, when Shani came and started teasing Hanuman by pulling his tail. Hanuman warned him as Shani is his Guru’s son and Hanuman respects him but when Shani did not listened, Hanuman gave him a good thrashing. At the end Shani pleaded to leave and promised not to go near any devotee mediating on Lord Rama.

Also it is believed that one Shani climbed on to Lord Hanuman’s shoulder, implying that Hanuman was coming under the effects of the influence of Shani. At this, Hanuman assumed a large size making Shani caught between his shoulder and the ceiling of the room.

Stories of Hanuman

When the pain was unbearable, Shani requested Hanuman to release him promising that he would moderate the malefic effects of his influence on all those people who pray to Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman is said to be the symbol of selflessness while Shani is symbolic of instant judgment on a person’s past and present karma accordingly. It is firmly believed that worship of Hanuman grants fortitude and strength. Hanuman is also believed to be the Lord of Mars and all the planets are under the control of his tail.

One of the most important, famous, religious festivals of Hindu is Hanuman Jayanthi which is celebrated on the full moon day (purnima), in the month of Chaitra to commemorate the birth of Hanuman.

He was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and thus is worshipped for his unflinching devotion to the God. People apply sindoor as tilak from the body of Hanuman which is believed to be the symbol of good luck.

All the temples of Hanuman all over the country are full of devotees and people celebrated this day with full excitement. Spiritual discourses starts at dawn as Hanuman was born at sunrise and so all such deeds are stopped at that time and Prasad is distributed to everyone which provide strength and comfort to the devotee.

Hanuman is the machine of strength and enormous energy who is able to assume any form big or small, weak or powerful at his will. Hanuman is able to move huge mountains, break big rocks to pieces, dart through air, rival Garuda in swiftness of flight and even seize the clouds. Hanuman is the only one who is said to conquer the evil spirits and relieve the mankind from the effects of black magic.