Taj Mahal India – One of the Most Famous Monuments of India

Majesty, Beauty and magnificence, unrivaled, the Taj Mahal supposed to be the only one of its kind across the world. It is the monumental labor of love from Shah Jahan (a great ruler) for his beloved queen. It is a real and true symbol of Love and is one of the Most Famous Monuments of India.

If you have already read about Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world, you probably know the three things about this magnificent monument of India.

• Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful and attractive monuments on this earth.
• It is the greatest monument of True Love that was ever built. It’s ‘the living legacy’ of Love. And above all
• There is no other monument that lies in comparison with the art and architecture of Taj Mahal.

Also to know about the construction of this beautiful monument of India, it is basically considered as the master of Mughal architecture, a style that is mixture of Indian, Islamic and Persian craftsmanship. Taj mahal was built by Emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his favorite wife, Mumtaj (the most ravishing of the world).

Taj Mahal India


Regarding the location of this beautiful monument, it is in the city Agra, on the banks of the Yamuna. Many of the people say just wow for this magnificent beauty and one of the most famous monuments of India. It is one of the must visit destination on the historical tour to India and is one of the memorable and glorious ancient monuments of India. Taj Mahal is not just the piece of architecture, rather it is considered as the living monument, which is counted and will be forever as one amongst the ‘Seven Wonder s of the World’.


It’s the ultimate realization of Emperor Shahjahan’s dream. Shahjahan, the great emperor made this beautiful monument of India for his beloved beauty. The Taj Mahal rules on the square piece of marble platform. This is further adorned with the glaring minrates at each corner and made astonishingly beautiful.

Each one of these minrates, are actually leaned out slightly so that they won’t fall on the main complex due to any earthquake. This is simply a wonderful piece of art and architecture in India which is brilliantly designed and constructed at that non technological era of times.

Taj Mahal also includes giant arches which are beautified with the ornate carvings of the flowers. These are also inlaid with the pietra -dura mosaics of the semi precious stones and the elegant calligraphy from the holy book of Koran.

An estimated of about 20,000 people worked to complete the enchanting mausoleum which is world famous and one of the most famous monuments of the world. It took around 22 years in its making.


For a breathtaking beauty and a beautiful view of the Taj Mahal, one has to see it by moonlight and sunrise. This ancient monuments of India looks amazingly beautiful when the light change over from the cold hazy blue to any variation of pale gold, orange or skinny pink. Taj also seems to be changing its colors during the different hours of the day and during different seasons.

The sunset view of the Taj Mahal is simply brilliant and can attract any eye in the world. So now when you are in India the next time do not forget to visit this astonishingly fine beauty of world which is known as Taj Mahal India.