The Best Of Gujarat For You !

Gujarat gets its name from its original inhabitants, the Gujjars who inhabited the region way back into history. A land of varied beauty, Gujarat is the perfect blend of mystique, beauty, and colour. The Indian state has captured the hearts and imagination of many a tourist. Compiled here is a list of the best places to be visited in Gujarat:

1. Great Rann of Kutch

The world’s largest salt desert spread over 16,000 square kilometers makes for an amazing sight. An interesting anecdote regarding the Great Rann of Kutch is that it lies underwater for most of the monsoon season and looks like a stretch of packed white salt during the monsoons. The region looks its very best on full moon nights and qualifies as a vision that is unforgettable.

Rann of Kutch


2. Modhera

Modhera is home to one of the most architecturally beautiful Sun Temples in India. Built in the 11thcentury by rulers of the Solanki Dynasty, the temple structure includes an assembly hall, the primary shrine, and a carved steep tank. Exotic sculptures adorn these walls to create a beautiful structure.

3. Junagad

Rich in history, Junagad is a city that can be translated to mean the “Old Fort”. Dotted with mosques, temples, and shrines, the city is also home to a considerable number of historical monuments. The Mohabbat ka Maqbara and Ashokan Rock Eddict are just a few examples of the magnificent structures here.

4. Vadodara

Vadodara as a city is a fitting memorial to its ruler Sayaji Rao Gaekwad III who envisioned the city as an educational, industrial, and commercial centre in India. The city has a rich history and is currently inhabited by people from every corner of India. Blessed with the best in all spheres, there is art, culture, entertainment, and hotels in Vadodara that are designed to suit every pocket and palette.

5. Sasan Gir National Park

A trip to Gujarat without a visit to the Gir National Park would be an incomplete one. The only place in the world to house the Asiatic Lion is also home to many other species of exotic animals and birds. Take up a safari to get up and personal with nature. March to May is a good time to get a good look at the protected species of lions.

6. Bhuj

The capital of the region of Kutch, Bhuj is known for its native handicrafts. Local bazaars, busy craftsmen and an old world charm dominated the ambience of Bhuj till a devastating earthquake changed its entire landscape. However, there are villages close by that specialise in different forms of textiles like weaving and block printing. You can learn of the process and even buy your favourite pieces here.

7. Ahmedabad

The fifth largest city in India was founded by King Karnadev in the 11thcentury. The city is well equipped with the best in infrastructure and attractions. Temples, forts, and historic structures along with exotic food and an exciting nightlife make for a very happening and interesting city to visit.

8. Mandvi

Located on the west coast of Gujarat, Mandvi is a small port town. It is however known for its 400 year old shipbuilding yard, a one-of-its-kind in India. The town has retained a major part of its old world charm and it will not take you too long before you get transported into an era gone by.