The Essential Checklist for Your Wedding Venue In India

Are you ready to get started with your wedding plans? Has it all sunk in or are you still basking at the idea of being newly engaged? Are you all set for the happily-ever-after moment? Fortunately, the choices are incredibly diverse.

Of course, when you are planning a wedding, however big or small the ceremony is, you will have numerous things in mind. And they need to be attended to.

Your planning worksheet will be filled with caterer details, the guest list, decorations, jewellery specifications, ceremonies, transportation, accommodation, attires, photography, and the venue – perhaps the most important part. Step one is to fix a facility that will suit your style, budget and expectations.

Wedding VenueWeddings happen at banquet halls, restaurants, hotels, clubs, farmhouses, malls, home gardens, etc. Just remember, “Location, location, location”. Like owning a property, location ranks the highest in a wedding plan.

Where do you arrange the entire ceremony? Will it be an elaborate event with thousands of guests in a huge banquet hall, or will it be a small event, which you can share with your closest friends and relatives at home?

For your benefit, we introduce to you a “Checklist”. The objective of these snippets is to give you a jumpstart at planning the venue of your dream wedding, the one you and your soul mate desire.

We hope that our tips will give you a fresh viewpoint, no matter if you are the analytical or the happy-go-lucky type.  See the below tips and make your wedding unique memorable.

No. 1 – The points to be considered

“Fairytale wedding” – two words often uttered when you are about to utter the two all-important words – I do. There is usually a mammoth amount of planning required to make it perfect. All of us dream about weddings, the flowers, the arrangement, the décor, the venue, the food, the ambience, etc.

All of that happens at a place which is perfect in every respect, a place which becomes an essential part of the memorabilia. A countryside view or a traditional religious venue, a theme-based ceremony or a simple set of rituals, the options are many before you finalize. Consider the choices and preferences of not just one person but the two families, which are going to be a vital part of the matrimony.

Challenging, isn’t it? Well, not really! You need to split the plan into small milestones. For instance, consider a discussion about what time of the year do you want the wedding to be?

That will help decide a couple of things about the venue, including whether you could have an outdoor or an indoor wedding. Planning it outdoors during monsoon or a summer afternoon is definitely a bad idea in most of India. Do consider the number of people attending also, because space comes at a premium when hired impulsively.

No. 2 – Wedding date

Great emphasis on the wedding date is normal. The date factor ends up telling you how much expenditure and how much planning are on the cards. Charges for a premium venue can be less if you have enough time in hand. In case the venue is booked in a hurry, compromises can be inevitable. And that’s not good for that “One big moment, one big day of your life”. Save the dates for saving big!

Additionally, Indian wedding dates are decided depending on “How auspicious it is to conduct the ceremonies?” Plan your tasks and take multiple dates from your family astrologer. Check for the religious and cultural holidays and make sure that there is no restriction to conduct marriage at that time. That will give you ample time for preparation.

No: 3 – The Ambience

A venue is defined by its Ambience. The word “Vintage” brings in a visual of brown chairs with conventional flowers and rituals. “Ethnic” describes the use of colours and traditional embellishments in abundance. The ambience is the result of small add-ons, like music, food, décor, lights, ancillary services, conveniences, etc.

Discuss with your fiancé how much you can afford to spend on the venue. Even when you have closed in on a particular venue, a tight budget can remain your worry. But there is always a midway. One option is to slash the budget allotted for other aspects.

For example, if a venue is complete in all respects, that is with facilities you never thought could come with the location, just seize the deal. Be realistic. Another option is to pick an off-season wedding date. Think creatively, and find a location that can create the same ambience.

No. 4 – Lights, Camera, Action

A sparkling river flowing through the venue, a lush green landscape, and green grass reflecting the soft moonlight – All these descriptions call for the camera!

With everyone dressed in their choicest of attires, it is of paramount importance that the venue is awesome too. With the advent of concepts like pre-wedding, post-wedding and ritual photo shoots, the couple should ensure that the facility is a perfect choice. A great-looking couple and a magnificent venue make it just perfect.

Lighting is an essential part of the ambience for any event, be it a wedding, an anniversary, or a simple get together. Lights are for setting the mood right in each case. The numerous technologies available for venue illumination can influence your choice strongly. But remember, sometimes, a small trick is all you need for that perfect hue.

All said, the venue of a wedding is sometimes all you need to consider. Almost all other arrangements are influenced by that one decision. Make sure you have the facility finalized before you dream about how great it will look. A change in the location can mean a change in everything else.

While venue is what creates the first impression on your guests, you can feel a sense of satisfaction and add that special spark to your celebration of a lifetime. So now that we mutually agree on how important it is to choose the perfect or good venue after thorough homework, start working on it, right away!

Pragya Varma – Marketing Executive for Templetree Leisure. Templetree Leisure offer  perfect and best kalyana mantapa in bangalore. Templetree Leisure is an eco-friendly-venue that ensures complete privacy and make you feel positive and much happier.