The Most Happening Party Places and Pubs in India

Celebrations and parties are a part of our life. After working for the entire week, you may go to a pub and enjoy. This outing helps in unwinding and de stressing. You will forget the hectic work schedule for the time being.

To rejuvenate and refuel, you must hit a pub on a Saturday night. But, where to go, is the question that will pop in your mind immediately. Here, in this site, you will find a complete list of pubs in leading metro cities.

Finest pubs in Mumbai

The Tavern & Beyond: this is pub specially created in English theme. Here, you will enjoy the music of 80s era and special cocktails to charm your senses. On special Saturday nights they even serve up to 42 types of blend.

Pubs in India 1Not Just Juzz by the Bay: you may come and enjoy the bohemian ambience amidst soothing breeze by the sea in Mumbai. This still continues the jazz era of the yester years. The place is loved by people from all age groups. The band generally plays country rock. Live band and good food is famous.

Aura: it is good place for all food lovers. You will get the best food items from North India. The chef also cooks up special Continental food for the guest. They serve both national and international drinks.

Happening pubs in Bangalore

Legends of Rock: this is a small and cozy pub for a performance of a tight band on Saturday night. The pub situates at Koramangala, and is famous for playing good music.

Purple Haze: this is the place for those who are I search of a typical English pub in Bangalore. The tranquilizing ambience amidst finest blends and music is the place for country connoisseurs.

Text Pure joy in Pune

The ship and Grill bar – This has got the wine and dine facility and the ambience is excellent. You can visit the pub for cocktails and mock tails and the theme nights are the best features. You will find live bands, Mojito specials and talent nights.

1000 oaks bar – The East Street in Pune houses this classic pub that can give you a range of choice for snacks and a whole good range of different drinks. The customers can sit inside the pub or can also site outside the pub. Well known for its music.

Happy days with pubs for you in Hyderabad

Firangi Pani – This is the ideal place for rock music and retro music. The pub has got Elizabethan time’s antiques and glowing lamps with solid furniture made of wood. The pub will serve you all sorts of drinks and is a superb place to unwind.

Touch – The lounge of this pub is stylish and the ambience is ideal for a hangout with old pals. The music is good and the delicious snacks with the hard or soft drinks give you the right source to unwind.

Keeping connections with friends through pubs in Kolkata

Chowringhee Bar – The bar and tea lounge is the right place to relax and take a trip to memory land. The light and sound and the music all takes you to another world.

Fusion – This is another happening bar in the city and will give you space enough to relax in the glitzy night life by letting down your hair. The drinks are good and the music is soothing or rocking as per the request.

These are few of the pubs in the metro cities and you will find the details in this site and if you want to enlist your pubs you can do that through this site and you can also enlist in details the events that you want to participate in.