The Must Know Job Search Tips in India

With changing technology, job search tips have also undergone a change in India. Job search tips are an essential part of all the careers.

While looking for jobs in India, you need to keep the following job search tips in mind. And for sure, you will bag the job you want.

Change your personal email address to something more professional. Do not use email ids such as Preferably use your first and last name only when applying or looking for a job.

Increase your digital footprint. You can do this by putting your address, resume and contact information on a blog. As well as specifying you skill sets and the fields in which you are looking for a job. Also Google your own name and check the amount and nature of information you find about yourself online.

Job SearchAnother job search tip is to make sure you have added your email address to your CV, resume and profiles in online job portals. While this might seem silly and obvious to you, many people forget to specify their email address. It is a basic part of all career guides.

Blogging is an easy way to get noticed by potential employers. Try to blog about topics related to your profession or about a hobby such as photography or politics.  This will let employers know more about you.

Registering on online job sites is an essential tool to enhance your career and bag a good job. Career guides will give you more information on how to build your profile and the best ways to market yourself. Another useful job search tip is to look at online career sections of local newspapers regularly.

Nowadays looking for a job also means having a good professional profile in social networking sites. Create a professional profile on all networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, My Space etc.

Another related job search tip is to network extensively. Join online groups like yahoo groups, clubs, societies and organizations related to your profession. Other people who are working in your profession might be valuable career guides, so build a rapport with them and seek their advice.

Specialization is the key to success. The more specific your skill sets, the better your chances of getting a job. And finally build and emphasize your strengths, while playing down and mitigating your weaknesses.