Tips for Women to Travel Across India

India is a country which is always known for its culture and tradition. It is a country of unity in every aspect. One can find diversity here and it is a very warm and hospitable country. India welcomes every tourist coming here irrespective of where they are coming from. There is no other country which has people belonging to so many religions. India is rich in history, culture, heritage, religions, and traditions and also in natural beauty.

Today the whole world is influenced by the western culture. Modern and western influence has made a very strong impact on our world in very short span of time but India still remains traditional and conservative country. People living here accept the western influence but at the same time do not lose their tradition and culture.

Travel Across IndiaIt thus becomes important for the women travelers coming to India to educate themselves to India’s social mores and culture. This will help them to adjust easily in the Indian atmosphere and will make their journey easy and safe. It is mostly seen that women from other countries coming to India find a lot of difference in the dressing style. India is a country where bikinis or wearing more revealing clothes at public places are highly discouraged.

Women travelers are requested not to wear revealing tight clothes so as not to attract unwanted attention. By this they can give respect to the Indian culture and it will also keep them safe at a new place.

Indian culture does not allow women drinking or smoking at public places. If one wants to drink or smoke she should do it in hotel. Keeping valuables in a purse while travelling in trains or moving around in the market is not safe. In India at most places it is not safe for women to go out alone after it is very late or dark at night.

Travelers are requested to lock their bags together with a cable lock while travelling on public transportation. Women travelers are advised to avoid situations where they find themselves alone with a man.

India is a country where touching at public places between people of opposite sex is very unusual. Such physical activities may be accepted at some metro cities but at most of the place in India it is not allowed. Even married couples avoid any display of affection publicly.

Safety and respect of women coming from other countries and traveling in India is the duty of Indian government and the people living in India but self precautions will prove beneficial making their journey a lifetime experience.