Top 10 Best Selling Cars In India In 2013

Cars is something that automatically increases the driving desire of a person and if you are passionate about driving then having a car could be the best feeling of a world! There are so many cars which are famous but the fashion and style is always changing and we should go with that. The style and advanced features are integrated in new cars which is amazing for making your driving experience energetic and memorable! So, if we will go with time then we will se the best of this time. Here I am sharing with you a selected list of Top 10 best selling car in India in 2013.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire

This car has been identified as a bestselling car in India in the month of May. This car was launched in February 2012 and the sales were over 15,000 units per month! This was one of the most eye catching cars and it attracted many car lovers!

Maruti Alto

This car was appreciated for its new features and facilities. Many driving lovers preferred this car and this is famous now a days.

Best Selling Cars

Maruti Swift

This car came with amazing shiny look and impressive appearance. This is eye catching car that is integrated with some advanced functions which makes it little special.

Maruti Wagon R

This car has an amazing bold look and it looks highly impressive. This car was appreciated and loved by all car lovers and its May 2013 sakes have reached to the 12.952!


Mahindra Bolero

This is highly impressive and hard looking car which gives amazing and tough look. The May 2013 sales have been over 9780!

Hyundai i10

With the sales of 8,469 in May, this car has been best in its category. It is a small car that looks cute and impressive.

Hyundai Eon

This is a good looking car that looks good with all the available colors. The May 2013 sales have been over 8,406!

Honda Amaze

This is a simple yet impressive looking car that comes with stylish and bold look. It has been designed especially for the style attraction and that is what it offers! The May 2013 sales have been over 6,036 and this number is rising continuously!

Hyundai i20

This is an impressive and bold car. It offers better mileage and it comes with additional features that makes it little different and attractive. The Hyundai i20 sales have been over 5,701 in the month of May 2013

Tata Indica  

It has amazing design and styling features. It looks impressive and highly presentable. This is a comfortable and shiny car that has so many exciting features!


The most appreciated and expert cars have been included in this list so that you can see which car is the best in car industry this year. I hope you will find your best car for your driving excitement!

I would prefer buying Maruti Wagon R or Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire because these two cars have amazingly bold and presentable looks with advanced features are just amazing. These cars are best for off road as well as on road driving. The best part is that these are also the best low maintenance cars for daily family use and I would like to call them “All Rounder!”