Top 5 Smartphones Brands in India

Because of the high demand from people and relevance in the usage of the Smartphones by the people, the number of Smartphone manufacturing companies is increasing day by day and the production of ultra model Smartphones are also increasing daily.

There are so many companies available presently in the mobile world to supply a good number of Smartphones in various models and with multiple specification and that too at various rates. Some of the major Smartphone brands available in India are Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Micromax, Karbonn, Videocon, etc.

According to the latest valid information and reports the presently available Smartphones brands were checked and 5 Smartphone brands were shortlisted as the best available Smartphones suppliers in India. They are as follows:

Smartphones Brands in India 1


The apple company produces good numbers of Smartphones out of which the most famous and at the same time most people’s desire to obtain is the Apple iPhone. Yes! Apple iPhone attracts everyone by its first look itself. That much attractive style and color it has. The operating system devised in Apple iPhone is also unique and more admirable.

This is what makes the Apple iPhone to be in the top of all other Smartphones in India. Even though the price of the Apple iPhone is bit higher than other brand Smartphones, people are more interested in obtaining the Apple brand only. The latest Smartphone model introduced by the Apple Company is iPhone 5.


Samsung really made a huge revolution in the Smartphone world. Yes! Samsung seized most of the people towards its touch screen mobiles by introducing so many new models of Smartphones in India with very nominal price tags. The android OS used by Samsung in its Smartphone is very easy to operate and thus makes the people to move on towards the Samsung brand in case of Smartphones. Because of these major attractive points most of the people started using the Samsung Smartphones instead of the regular traditional phones. The latest Samsung Smartphone which sells like a hot cake in India is Galaxy S4.


Nokia acquired the name “User Friendly” long back itself by its simple and easy to use services. Thus they are also moving as one of the top Smartphone brand in India. Nokia started introducing its Smartphones in the name of Nokia Lumia. Yes! Everyone in India knows and likes this model mainly because of its color, design and the operating system. Nokia uses the windows as their operating system and thus most of the windows users and lovers have Nokia Smartphones only.


HTC is one another branded company which supplies a good number of Smartphones in India. HTC is most popular for its wide resolution and screen sensitivity with good picture clarity. HTC Smartphones gives a wild manly look which attracts most of the men towards it by the first sight itself.


Sony mobiles are mainly famous for its sound effects. To get a high definition sound quality people always select Sony branded mobiles only. In the same way Sony introduced its Smartphone models with the same hi-tech sound effects. Sony’s popular Smartphones in India is the latest Experia which is a high resolution and a water proof model Smartphone.

So if you are planning to purchase a new smartphone and are looking for the best of the best, just opt one from the list and stay in trend.