Ways to comprehend the health benefits of Indian food

Paying a visit to an Indian restaurant is unique in the sense that the aroma of Indian spices diffuses the air making the appetite keener and arousing the taste bud with variegated cuisines.

Certain restaurants have buffet set up to choose from a range of freshly cooked dishes. Indian cuisine can promote healthy lifestyles along with its great flavor.

health benefits of Indian foodSome benefits of culinary delicacies from India are:

1.      Healthy Indian recipes are fiber rich and starch resistant which brings down cholesterol levels and boost the functioning of heart. Indian cuisine as opposed to American is a tasty route to promote fiber intake. Chickpeas, lentils, legumes do figure prominently in recipes and are rich in fiber.

2.      Indian spices offer great texture and flavor to dishes which sets in a sense of fulfillment and this leads to consumption of fewer calories in total and consequently controls weight.  While visiting Indian restaurants, shun dishes prepared in clarified butter which is fat as well as calorie rich. Get the dishes cooked correctly.

3.      They help arthritis. Indian curry is commingled with salubrious spices prominently turmeric which possess anti-inflammatory attributes. Significant reduction of swollen joints and improvement in symptoms has been noticed in arthritic patients after their diet included curry. Turmeric can be a potential treatment for cancer and brain ageing.

4.      Indian dishes are summarily wholesome. Indian dishes are prepared of whole grains and lentils in general which make them higher in nutrition and lower in calories as compared to American desserts. Yoghurt is generally used in place of ice or heavy cream.

Procure an Indian cookbook and cook your own dishes at home. This way one can enjoy the salubrious aspect of food without added calories.