Ways to Make Indian Dishes Healthier

Indian recipes by virtue of their taste and health factor are rapidly making inroads to British and American households.

However, at times it might ruin your diet. Enlisted beneath are a couple of ways to make dishes from healthy Indian recipes.

Indian Dishes HealthierDirections:

  • Purchase fresh items. It is always advisable to procure things from shop personally to ensure that only fresh ingredients are bought. Buying fresh vegetables should take precedence over frozen or canned counterparts. Low fat cheese may be preferred over full fat cheese.
  • Prepare masala yourself or purchase the powder variety masala. Artificial masalas and curries carry a bunch of concealed ingredients that do not get added when masalas are prepared by one. Low fat yoghurt or Greek variety of it is to be always preferred while preparing Indian dishes. Fresh vegetables or chicken is to be preferred over dark meat for masala dishes. Ascertain that leaner pork or lamb is used while preparing curries.
  • Frying ingredients is to be positively done with olive oil or even better with non stick cooking spray. Nonstick cooking spray does not promote flab whereas olive oil is more salubrious than most oils and augment the flavor of prepared dishes.
  • Switch to healthier vegetables and whole grains in place of traditional ingredients. For example, prefer sweet potatoes over normal potatoes as they have a lower glycemic level. If the recipe demands rice, the choice should be brown rice and not white. For Indian recipes requiring naan, white flour versions should be shunned in favor of whole wheat ones.

Follow the above tips and enjoy healthy Indian recipes coming from the heart of India.