What is India?

India is a vast country. It is almost in size to Europe. It is seventh biggest country of the world and is the second largest country with the view of population. India has always been known for its ancient culture and civilization. It is the country which accepts people of every religion and hosts architectural and historic possessions incomparable in the world.

Great India is a country where one can find variety in everything. This country enjoys every season from high temperatures to shivering colds. There are such variations in India which draws a huge tourists to travel here every year.

Sun washed golden beaches, snow covered high mountains, roaring waves and monster waterfalls are amazing to watch. India is a country where some parts enjoy the ocean sides while some other are covered with blazing deserts. Here people enjoy colorful fairs and various festivals which can be found nowhere else.

Warm and friendly hospitality of the people can be seen no where other than India. People of India celebrate various festivals and all these festivals are enjoyed by everyone. People join together and share their happiness and feelings with others. With the living of different people, India has variety in food. One can find both vegetarian and non vegetarian food here and both these have a great variety.

While India’s tour one will find such incredible fascination and charm which he will find nowhere in the world. To view the rich culture and architectural beauty of India, number of tourists visits India every year. The increment of arrival of foreign tourists results in the rapid growth of India tourism industry. Many tour operators and tourism industries provide attractive India travel packages at very affordable prices.

India is a country that fulfills all requirements of all types of tourists. It is the only country which presents various tourism options in all probability. Medical tourism, beach tourism, history tourism, spiritual tourism, adventure tourism, health care tourism and many other are taken into account. A traveler coming to India will surely not regret on his or her tour and they will surely like to visit India again and again.