What will a Foreign Tourist Find While Exploring India?

India is a large county which has always been famous for its culture and ancient civilization. It is the second largest country in population. Apart from all this India is gifted with natural beauty and the country experiences and enjoys all the climatic conditions. Here one can find high mountains covered with snow, monster like waterfalls, golden beaches, sunny deserts and even green areas which are attractive to look.

India is a country which attracts many tourists every year. Most of the tourists coming to India already have some preconceived notions about India. Some believe that it is a country of elephants while others believe it to be a land of forests. Though this land has all this but one should have the knowledge that India is not just a land of wild animals and jungles. Today India is an advanced country having all the luxuries and places of interest which will surely surprise every foreign tourist.

Exploring Indi

Most of the tourists visiting India today have their plans to visit the large metro cities of India on one hand and to visit some small places with special interest on the other hand. Jaipur, Hyderabad and Srinagar are some places which attract most of the tourists coming to India.

Most of the foreign tourist gets impressed by the glamor of the metro cities in India and they wonder why India is called a poor country. The handicraft of India is unmatchable all over the world. Tourists from the foreign countries usually get surprised on exploring the cottage industries of India and seeing the work of the craftsmen there.

India is a country having versatility. It has many 5 star hotels which are no less than a palace. Tourists coming and living here wonder, is it the same India which is called a poor country? They ask where poverty here is in India. Many tourists also gets confused with the fact, why India is called a progressing country as it seems to have all that the progressed countries have. At last, most of them return with a mixture of feelings but takes with them some beautiful memories of India.