Where Can a Foreign Tourist Find Poor Image of India?

When a foreign tourist visit India, he finds India to be well developed country with all the luxuries in the big metro cities and a good surrounding at the small places having locations of special interest. Most of these tourists wonder why India is called a poor land. They find India to be a land of versatility with an amazing handicraft work and the cottage industries in India are really good to explore.

A foreign tourist can find the poor image of India by visiting the backward villages of the country. The picture of these villages is surprising as compared to the modern and developing India. Children are playing and roaming about in the village naked and bare footed, elders’ lazily sitting while women struggling to get water.

Poor Image of India 1

A tourist from a foreign country gets shocked to know the fact that women of the Indian villages stand and wait in long queue just to get a bucket of water for the day. Where the whole world is progressing and developing day by day, the people of these villages are struggling for a day’s living. This is the true image of India and now the foreign tourist believes that whatever he had heard about India is really true.

India is a country which shows both the images whether it is rich or poor. When on one side we have all the developments of the world then on the other side it is sad to see the backwardness of the villages in India. Tourists from other countries usually get shocked to see the indiscipline on the roads and the beggars on the road sides.

Dust and rubbish spread all over the street shows the lack of maintenance. Foreign tourist gets surprised looking at the corruption spread all over the country and realizes that this is surely the cause of the gap between rich and poor in India.

While returning back from India, every tourist takes with him a mixture of feelings. They return and wish to come back again some other time and would like to see a better India then.