Who was Dasrath Manjhi

Dasrath Manjhi, an elderly man from India made history by digging a mountain with just a hammer and chisel.  He made a road for his village people, when the Government refused to! He was a single-handed person who cut down a mountain for 22 years, day and night.

He did it to ensure that no one else die without immediate medical help like his wife. The man reduced the distance from 70 km to just 1km from the village to hospital!

Dasrath ManjhiPeople were not jumped in and helped Dasrath Manjhi though he was working for the whole community. At the start, they laughed at him for undertaking such Herculean task.

But, as the time passed, and he continued to break the hard hill in half, people started helping him. Now, the Gaya village pays gratitude towards the ‘Mountain man’ who made their way so much easier.